Villard Expression Reserve
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Villard Expression Reserve

Year: 2020

Product Description:

Villard Fine Wines was established in 1989 by Chilean vintner Thierry Villard. Theirs is one of the first premium boutique wineries in the country. They benefit from a combination of excellent terroir in the Casablanca Valley—where the Humboldt Current produces a cooling effect throughout the early morning—and innovative winemaking techniques taken from the region and from France and the rest of Europe.


Vintage 2020 & 2021
Variety Pinot Noir
Origin Casablanca Valley, Chile

Tasters notes: 

This Pinot Noir by Villard Fine Wines is a beautiful ruby red and has a very inviting aroma of red fruits, raspberries, cherry, and a hint of vanilla. On the palate, it tastes strongly of red and black fruits with a juicy, pleasantly rounded finish. Wine connoisseurs note that you catch a touch of spice after the first few sips.