Menade Rueda Verdejo Ecologico
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Menade Rueda Verdejo Ecologico
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Menade Rueda Verdejo Ecologico

Year: 2020

Product Description:

Made by Nature. This is the motto of the wines produced by Bodegas Menade, whose Menade Verdejo is the best letter of introduction there is. This white varietal represents the freshness and the wildest side of the Verdejo grape. It is by far the wine that best expresses the personality of the winery.

Bodegas Menade is not just any winery: it has been a pioneer in organic farming and the only one in the Rueda D.O. to obtain the guaranteed organic viticulture certificate. For them, it is essential to give back to nature what man has stolen from it, and for this reason, they have built an ambitious process of environmental restoration that, in addition to enriching the natural environment, has turned the estate into a place full of life.

Of course, this great effort is transferred to all their wines and, in particular, to Menade Verdejo 2019. Natural organic viticulture means lower vineyard yields. This, in turn, allows a higher ripening, and with it a very unique aromatic richness where we find white fruit and herbaceous notes in a dry, tasty, balanced wine with an elegant and long finish.

Vintage 2020 & 2021
Variety Verdejo
Origin Rueda, Spain


Tasters notes: 

This Verdejo stands out for its aromas of white fruit, intermingled with herbaceous nuances, such as hints of laurel, thyme, and fennel. On the palate, it is dry, tasty and balanced. It is a wine with peculiar characteristics due to its production process, as Menade is a pioneering winery in organic cultivation and the only one in the Rueda D.O. that has obtained the certificate of guaranteed organic viticulture.