About Us

Project Vino

At Project Vino, we believe that wine should not be limiting. Wine is encompassing. It’s not just for the experienced wine drinkers, nor  just for special occasions. There is a type of wine for EVERY.SINGLE.MOMENT. 

For us, wine is all a multi-layer experience, the more wine you drink, the more layers of experience you unravel. The more experience you have, the higher the appreciation on the depth of wine.

Witness and meet different kinds of people with their unique stories throughout their wine journey. At Project Vino, we cultivate a culture of sharing curated wines for every day, sharing knowledge, experiences and personal wine journeys.

Although we believe, wine is something to be shared with others, as much as a it is a companion when you’re alone.

Curious to know about wine and food pairing but don’t know where to start? We will also talk about pairing, what makes wine and food pair like magic? Wine elevates food as food elevates a wine experience. We will let you experience this too.

BEGIN your wine journey with Project Vino, let’s share this journey

What is a wine journey?

The wine journey is a multi-layer experience, there’s a depth and breadth in each wine experience that is unique to each person.

How do we curate?

It’s simple. We try. Whether you like it or you don’t. Wine is like a piece of artwork.