Bread & Butter - Chardonnay
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Bread & Butter - Chardonnay
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Bread & Butter - Chardonnay

Year: 2019

Product Description:

This Chardonnay opens delicately with rich notes of vanilla bean and almond husk, which recalls the aromas of a creme brulee. The creamy custard notes are balanced by a soft minerality and a hint of worn leather. Those creamy notes continue on the palate where they are joined with a light woodiness from the oak. Just like that first bite of creme brulee, this wine will melt in your mouth for a long, creamy finish.

Vintage 2019, 2020 & 2021
Variety Chardonnay
California, USA


Tasters notes: 

Balanced acidity and savory toasted notes lead to a long, smooth finish remembered for its touch of sweet vanilla.